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@foxillaa by @dannydesantos #sleeve #tattoo #tattoos #thightattoo #tattooedmodel #ink #inked #inkedgirl #girlwithink #womenwithtattoos #womenwithink

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R.I.P Scrumpy 💕

chub bum is a fun bum
beedeedalek: 23; 5"2, Poland, short, lots of tattoos, undercut, big brown eyes and sharp cheekbones. I'm self confident, sometimes agressive, i love as hard as I hate, i'm dominant, observant, witty smartass.
Hobbies: sherlock, geting tattoos, makeup, fanfics, cooking, pissing people; florence and the machine; facts: i've got my personal ghost, i'm working at clothes shop and when i see poor looking mother i sometimes lower price for them just because i can. Gosh i'm embarrassed now...

You seem like my kind of person! Date 😘

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